Kurs i måleri 4 – 5 mars!

Akvarell, akryl, vattenbaserad olja med egen teknik och motivval. Alternativt nya utmaningar. Personlig undervisning efter önskemål för att komma vidare i måleriet. Vi arbetar med ditt eget material eller att du provar något nytt. Kursen handlar i huvudsak om figurativt, traditionellt måleri. läs mer..

Konst av Pelle Angvert

Pictures loaded with meaning. Pelle Angvert impresses, making his motto from perhaps the most difficult and unavoidable in the art of “killing your darlings”. Working rigorously and going to the heart of a subject, an expression, not becoming caught up in anecdotes, not becoming enamoured of an idea: this is Pelle in a nutshell. Intensive work is the artist’s normal life, as it is for others, as well as the dilemma of working until there is a realisation of what is good and what isn’t. Achieving an artistic expression where there is a sense it has integrated the artist’s experiences and can share them. Being generous with the past without reflecting internal nostalgia makes good art. This is Pelle’s art: where impressions are created through light and shade, colours and materials, to create pictures loaded with meaning.

Helena Schmidt-Bourges

+46 (0)70 646 70 81, info@angvert.se, Silvanusvägen 10, SE831 55 Östersund. SWEDEN